We LOVE kids @ Multiply Church!!


Multiply Kids is the safe, fun and engaging ministry for kids @  Multiply Church. 


This ministry partners with parents to establish a foundation built on Biblical truths that teach about the abundant life of following Jesus, how to generously love others, and to be intentional in sharing the good news of Jesus. 


Our mission “Be, Make, Multiply” guides our focus to “Be” disciples for the kids in our ministry, and to partner with parents to “Make” disciples.  


We strongly believe that discipling kids is done best primarily by their parents, and then supported by the local church. For this reason, our strategy includes equipping and encouraging parents in this essential role. 


Your kids will LOVE Multiply Kids, and you will be so glad they do. 


For more info, email

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Multiply Kids environments will be safe, fun, loving, engaging, intentional, and consistent. 


Multiply Kids meet on Sundays @ 10:30.